Historical Female Names

Nama Tokoh Islam Perempuan

Asma binti Abu Bakar

Asma bint Abu Bakr, also known as the iron woman who live a long life. He was a noble woman and muhajid who have a great character because of the mind and the glory of her soul and her strong willingness. He is also a woman who speaks fluently and good to make poets

Rumaisha bint Milhan

Rumaisha, Ummu Sulaim bint Milhan ibn Khalid ibn Zayd ibn Haraam ibn Jundub bin Al-Ansari. She is the mother of Anas ibn Malik Khadim Rasullullah SAW He was a patrician woman of the Kharaj Ansar tribes have motherhood and charming sweet-faced, except that he was a smart-witted woman, full of prudence in acting, mature and noble